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Nomads clubs in South Africa have raised in excess of R20m through their charity about $4m (NZ). Last year the clubs raised R1.5m ($280k NZ). Each club raising an average of $23k (NZ). With our membership we do extremely well
There have been 42 National tournaments played annually, hosted in South Africa. The first Nomads club formed was Transvaal, (now Gauteng) 47 years ago. The average membership of each club in RSA is about 160 members and it is not uncommon for a new applicant to wait up to 2 years on the waiting list to get obtain membership at the larger clubs like Gauteng, Natal and Western Province. One of the reasons for the formation of Nomads was to get Jewish golfers onto golf courses as they were denied memberships at some golf courses in Johannesburg 47 years ago!
There are probably 3000 Nomad golfers world wide. 3 National tournaments played each year, South Africa, Zimbabwe (currently being played in Harare this week) and Botswana. The SA tournament has about 450 players, the Zimbabwe one about 200 players and the Botswana one about 150 players. The SA and Zimbabwe tournaments are played over 4 rounds with the Botswana event being a 2 round event. The neighbouring provinces compete against each in various triangulars through the year, constituting 'away games'.
Nomads South Africa run the scoreboards(known as Golferama) for the South African Sunshine tour including the SA Open and the Sun City Classic and get paid for this service, the funds going to either Junior Golf or Charity organisations. At the SA Open they needed 56 volunteers per day.
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