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The objectives of the Nomads Golf Club in New Zealand can be summarised as follows:
  • To encourage and promote, foster and support the game of golf and in particular to provide such service as may be used for the benefit of golf in greater Auckland.
  • To generate funds which may be distributed to such charitable causes as the members of the Club may deem proper.
  • To promote fellowship amongst members, their spouses and partners.
  • To work in harmony with all Golf Associations and Golf Clubs within the Auckland Area.
  • To be affiliated to a Nomads' National Association if and when such a body is created.
  • To do anything that may be expedient, necessary or desirable to further the aims and objectives of the Club.
  • To seek reciprocity with other international golfing societies having similar aims and objectives.  ie: Nomads of South Africa.
  • To promote a high standard of dress and conduct both on the course and in the clubhouses of host clubs.
Support and promotion of members & sponsors is an integral facet of the Nomads' philosophy, and members are encouraged to make use of the great source of products, services and knowledge that is embodied in our membership.