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Charity Activities
One of the most important objectives and raison d'etre associated with Nomads Golf is the collective spirit displayed by all Club Members towards raising funds for charitable purposes and for recognising "those less fortunate than ourselves".

To that end, significant effort is made throughout each year to generate income which is then distributed to worthwhile causes on a project-by-project basis. It is important to understand that all Nomads' fund-raising activities are directed at specific projects and programmes - no monies are allocated to supporting the running of organisations or for their costs associated with general administration.

The Annual Charity Day Tournament, held each year, is a major source of fund-raising, with revenue coming from entry fees, hole sponsorships and donated prizes with many Nomads Members making a generous contribution to the event.

These Charity Day funds are supplemented by fines collected for minor indiscretions by members at the regular monthly playing days. The various Fines Masters have displayed an admirable talent for discovering or inventing reasons to separate members and guests from their loose change and small denomination notes.

Since 1997 the club has raised substantial monies (over $600,000) for New Zealand charitable organisations.