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Key Personnel
Sir Bob Charles is the Patron of the Nomads Golf Club in New Zealand.

The Founding Members of the Nomads Golf Club in New Zealand include the following:
Founding President Lisle Thackwray
Inaugural Club Captain Mike Gibson
Inaugural Vice Captain John Philpott
Inaugural Secretary John O'Sullivan
Inaugural Treasurer Ian Braddock
Founder Member Guy Newlove
Founder Member Peter Ramsay


YearPresidentClub Captain
Noel Vaughan
Tony Clephane
Tony Clephane 
Fred Hawke 
Fred Hawke
Paul Lash
Vern Pere
Vern Pere 
Tony Clephane 
Tony Clephane
2016 Nigel Poole Fred Hawke
2015 Nigel Poole Fred Hawke
2014 Nigel Poole Fred Hawke
2013 David Bell Nigel Poole
2012 David Bell Nigel Poole
2011 Ian Braddock David Bell
2010 Ian Braddock David Bell
2009 Ian Braddock David Bell
2008 Ian Braddock David Bell
2007 Bill Hanning Ian Braddock
2006 Bill Hanning Ian Braddock
2005 Ray Parsons Bill Hanning
2004 Ray Parsons Bill Hanning
2003 John Philpott Ray Parsons