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Support of Charities is one of Nomads main objectives with worthy recipient(s) selected annually. By exception more than one Charity can be supported in any one year. Club members are encouraged throughout the year to nominate worthy causes to receive support and assist with fund raising which culminates in an annual Charity Tournament. During the year other fund raising activities include monthly playing day sponsorships, raffles and golf misdemeanour fines sessions. 

Since inception, the Club has raised over $500,000 for various charities as follows.
Parenting with Confidence
An organisation offering programmes to help children gain an increased sense of  purpose in their family and community lives. Over this period Nomads assisted with a variety of worthwhile projects including the financing of the writing and publishing of the “Attitude” programme. Directly and indirectly Nomads contributed to the raising of approximately $250,000 towards these programmes.


Motor Neurone Disease Assn of New Zealand
An organization providing support for those suffering from neurological disorders.  Nomads donated a new car worth $11,500 for part time workers to make house calls.
Spinal Cord Society NZ Inc
The Club donated a specialised refrigerator for the Society’s Dunedin research programme costing $13,500.
National Burns Centre – Middlemore Hospital
The Club purchased two specialised mobile shower units for severe burn victims, as well as muscle stimulating equipment at a cost of $26,000.
The Hearing House. 
An auditory-verbal centre based in Greenlane, Auckland, formed in 1998 to give children with severe hearing loss, maximum potential for language development. Nomads provided $15,000 for a new playground.
Crippled Children Society.
A Society working tirelessly for children with disabilities.  Nomads donated a Lomak keyboard enabling the recipient to access the computer – internet world.
NZ Riding for The Disabled
An organisation devoted to assisting those with physical disabilities to gain confidence through interaction with and riding horses. The Club donated $11,000 for a training programme and purchase of clothing.
Camp Quality.
An international organisation providing camping experience and support for children with cancer.  The Club provided $25,000 to assist with the purchase of outdoor equipment and travel expenses.
Kawau Emergency Response Trust (KERT)
Nomads donated an Emergency response Jetski costing $13,750.  This is an on-water ambulance/fire vehicle to provide rapid response for those in danger.
Homes  of  Hope. 
An organisation working with youth at risk and assisting them with a stable living environment.  The Club provided $2,500 to assist with general expenses.
The Foundation for Youth Development. 
FYD aim to inspire all school age children to reach their full potential through programmes that help build self-esteem, good values and teach valuable life, education and health skills.  Nomads donated $12,000 to provide for a car for the Foundation’s Upper North Island Regional Co-Ordinator to travel around the upper North Island.
New Zealand Golf.
In support of the development of Junior Golf in the Auckland region, Nomads provided $11,500 to fund the construction of a specialised trailer to hold and transport golf equipment in support of Junior Golf Development Programmes in the Auckland region.
Cystic Fibrosis Association.
CFNZ purchases around 90 breathing apparatus each year for distribution to sufferers where their families are under financial constraints. Nomads purchased 28 units at cost of $12,500.
Discovery for Teens Foundation
DFT provides a unique programme for all New Zealanders promoting the development of young people.  Unlike other programmes it does not focus solely those at risk, or high achievers, but provides benefits to a cross–spread from all backgrounds. Nomads donated a motor vehicle at a cost of $12,500 in support of the Foundation’s activities.
Brain Injury Association (Auckland)

An association of 32 years providing support, advocacy ,information and education for people with brain injury and their family/whanau, from Te Hana in the North to Mercer in the South .

To assist with the transport requirements of sufferers to attend meetings, training courses and special events, Nomads donated a 10 seater van with appropriate branding at a total cost of $30,000.


Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand
Nomads donated a Suzuki Swift (value approx. $30,000) for use by the staff for house calls. 
Hospice North Shore

Hospice North Shore is a charity. They provide compassionate, specialist care to people who are dying, while supporting their families and caregivers. Anyone living with a life-limiting condition such as heart failure, motor-neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS) or cancer may benefit from Hospice care.

Nomads donated a Hyundai Accent, with appropriate branding, at a total cost of approximately $25,000. The vehicle will be used by staff for visits & community promotions. 

Big Buddy Mentoring Trust

Big Buddy is a preventative program that finds kind-hearted mentors for fatherless boys between 7 and 14 years of age.  It is a free, secular service that rigorously screens male volunteers from the community then matches them with boys who benefit greatly from just a little of their time.

Nomads provided a vehicle with appropriate signage, to be used predominantly in Auckland, as a support vehicle for liaison, events, fundraising etc. 


Unicorn Foundation NZ

Unicorn Foundation NZ is a registered NZ charity (CC49802) which provides support, advocacy, and information to patients, families, supporters and medical professionals involved in the treatment of Neuroendocrine Cancers (NET cancers).

Nomads supplied Unicorn with a new Suzuki Baleno, to be used by their support people and more recently help with transport of patients to and from the PRRT Unit at Auckland Hospital.

Love Soup

Love Soup is a Food Rescue organisation that are delivering on a regular basis to over 35 organisations that rely on them to help with “feeding the need”. They also provide regular community meals and grow vegetables their community Gardens.

Love Soup needed another van for picking up food and deliveries to needy people.  Nomads supplied Love Soup with a NV200 Nissan Van.


Te Whakaora Tangata

Te Whakaora Tangata are passionate about restoring families in Aotearoa desperately in need of a better future – families overwhelmed by poverty, violence, sexual abuse, drugs and crime.  Through Family Restoration courses, whanau coaching, one-on-one and group mentoring, advocacy and other initiatives – the lives of hundreds of vulnerable families have bene dramatically changed.

Te Whakaora needed another pool car so their team could continue to visit vulnerable people and help them through the restoration process.  Nomads supplied them with a Hyundai Tuscan.