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Application Criteria

Here are our criteria for donating: -

1. The donation is to go to a New Zealand cause, that assists New Zealanders in NZ.

2. The donation is to be made by way of the purchase of a physical asset that can be used, by the cause, in the carrying out of their work.

3. Nomads would be the sole donor of the particular asset – in other words we do not want to combine with any other donors to assist in the purchase.

4. Nomads requires acknowledgement from the recipients we are supporting (e.g. signwriting on a vehicle)

5. Nomads would require representatives of the recipients, to attend our annual Charity Day and give a brief outline of what they do and how our donation would assist them

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2022.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

We have a sub-committee who will then meet with the nominated recipients, interview them regarding their requirements & we then ask for a written submission with appropriate quotations if necessary, for consideration. We then notify the successful recipient & the other applicants in November 2022.

Please contact Wayne Scholtz for more information, or to lodge an application.  Wayne's contact information is or Ph 021 288 2444.