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Typically, new members join Nomads as a result of having been introduced as a guest to the club by an existing member. At that first introduction, the member should endeavour to introduce the Guest to the Convenor for Membership, which is currently Bobby Schoonraad

The Guest is then sent an information pack by the convenor that includes an Introductory Brochure, Application Form, Instructions for becoming a Member, a List of Playing Dates and Venues for the coming year, and an information sheet pertaining to obtaining Club Dress and Playing Uniforms.

The introducing member should then arrange with the guest to attend a second playing day, where the guest will play with a current member of the Management Committee. Such an arrangement ensures that the guest is fully aware of the purpose and standards that are representative of the Nomads ethos, and it also provides an informed forum for qualifying any outstanding questions that a prospective new member might have about joining the club.

Completed Application Form (together with subscription payment) should then be sent to the Club Secretary. The cheque is held in trust until the application is approved at the next monthly committee meeting. On notification of confirmation, by letter, that the application has been approved, the new member should then access this website to order the required Dress and Playing uniforms.

Should you wish to find out more please contact:

Fred Hawke
021 2400069