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Hi Nomads  

Registering for Playing Days:

Via the website you can register yourself (and guests) for playing days, or to indicate that you cannot attend.

To register for a playing day, go to www.nomads.co.nz & click on the link for the current playing day. The next page will allow you to indicate whether you will be attending or not and if you intend bringing guests. Results from playing days are automatically collated and your progress in competitions such as the  Captains Trophy can be checked by navigating the “Competitions” menu.          

Knockout Competitions:
If you have won a knockout competition game such as the Roy Best Memorial or the John O’Sullivan Memorial, email the result to John de Latour, john@allwoodmanning.co.nz.  You can check out how these competitions are going or to see who your next opposition will be via the “Competitions” menu.